Engineers: 4 Strong Reasons to Consider Working With Local 3D Animation Experts

by Jon | 5 years ago

When it comes time for an engineering firm to outsource the creation of a 3D animation for an upcoming project, the knee-jerk reaction is to look overseas for less expensive labor.


However, while the benefits of strategic outsourcing are widely known, if you’re an engineer, you should strongly consider keeping any work you might need on your 3D animation local.


Working for Industrial Visualizations (iViz), I’ve seen the best of both worlds. That said, keeping your 3D animation as close to home as possible is by far the more favorable option.


Blind of bias, here’s what I’m getting at:


1) Communication Is Key


Coming to understand the subtle intricacies of a complex feat of civil engineering isn’t something that can be fully taken care of through a handful of Skype messages or emails.


Yes, this method might work nicely for startups and small businesses, but when heavy-hitting topics related to the construction of city roads, bridges and canals are being discussed, you’d be best served trying to keep as much interaction a face-to-face affair as possible.


Lastly, as far as communication is concerned, you don’t need me to tell you how key a confident command of the English language is when dealing with projects like these.


Without strong communication, your firm’s 3D animation is less likely to turn out how you’d hoped. Ensure that you do this right the first time by keeping your 3D animators nearby.


2) Extreme Time Differences


Are you aware of the current time in India, Indonesia or the Philippines?


Obviously, depending on when you read this article and your specific location, the times will vary. As a point of reference, though, I’m in Utah—here’s what those time differences look like:


  • India - 11 hours and 30 minutes
  • Indonesia - 13 hours
  • Philippines - 14 hours


Can you see where your workflow’s disruption might take place?


3D animators can conduct as many Google searches as they want, but without a go-to engineering outlet with a sound understanding of what’s to take place, the quality of your final animation will greatly suffer.


It’s not that great, affordable talent can’t be found elsewhere; it’s just that, considering the time differences that often exist between outsourced animators and engineers, the partnership simply isn’t practical.


3) Cultural Comfort


You might not have expected to find this one on here, but the longer a working relationship continues, the more noticeable cultural discord in the business environment becomes.


For example, in the United States, though by no means an all-out societal norm, once the workday is over, partnering companies, coworkers and clients make an effort to save any business-related communication for the following day—it’s a matter of personal boundaries.


In other countries, however, this isn’t necessarily the way things work …


Other work-related cultural differences exist, but to keep your 3D animation on schedule and under budget while also guaranteeing accuracy, they’re hassles you shouldn’t need to worry about—you’ve got enough on your plate as it is.


4) Government Certification


If you’re not familiar with the General Services Administration (GSA), you’re not alone. Most people have no earthly clue what it is or what it does …


However, as an engineer looking for trustworthy 3D animation providers, know now that it’s an independent federal agency with which you should start to familiarize yourself.


Basically, the GSA ensures that federal offices, their employees and any sponsored undertakings are given the best products and services possible.


iViz is a GSA certified contractor.


This means that we’ve been upheld by the GSA as a group of reputable, industry-leading animation experts. Should the opportunity arise to work on a federal, municipal or even military engineering project, we’re qualified to make it happen.


When 3D labor is outsourced, this kind of qualification isn’t present.


Let’s See What You Think …


But enough talk about why engineers should work with local 3D animators …


After all, it’s the end result that matters most:

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