Engineers: Why You Should Devote Your Hard-Earned Dollars to 3D Animation

by Arnie | 6 years ago

When most people think of civil engineering, they think of the design, building and maintenance of roads, bridges, canals and dams.


What they don’t think of, however, is a team of 3D animation experts, huddled around their desktop computers—I belong to a team of these guys at Industrial Visualizations (iViz), so I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about.


That said, as the greater engineering world continues to embrace our digital day and age, the more important 3D animation becomes. More often than not, though by no means an exhaustive list, the two come together to accomplish each of the following:


  • Widespread Education
  • Simplifying Complex Concepts
  • PR & Community Outreach


For non-engineers, taxpayers and even investors, this makes 3D animation an extremely important part of any large-scale project—after all, it’s their lives that are most affected by the end result.


With all of this in mind, though, today, I’d like to focus on on a few additional reasons for which, as an engineer, you should consider spending your hard-earned dollars on 3D animation.


Strategy aside, the following are a few things I tell engineers who are new to the 3D game:


It’s Incredibly Realistic


There’s nothing wrong with 2D animation—in fact, for projects outside of civil engineering or construction, it might even be the more favorable option.


You’re an engineer, though—the closer you can get to reality, the better. Using customized graphics and computer rendering, 3D animation produces a high-resolution product with shockingly lifelike detail and texture.

Whether your audience consists of internal team members or the general public, they’re more likely to understand the scope of the task at hand.


It’s Relatively Inexpensive


Is there a “Dollar Menu” somewhere on earth for high-quality 3D animations? If there is, it’s guilty of false advertising …


Why? Well, here’s the thing—great 3D work isn’t cheap.


Still, I’d like to debunk the idea that you and your family will need to take out a second mortgage on your home to pay for one—that’s simply not true. In reality, thanks to motion capture technology and content flexibility, 3D animation is relatively inexpensive.

Rest assured, if your latest feat of civil engineering needs a 3D animation, but you’re already stretching a tight budget, odds are high that you can find an affordable, first-rate solution …


All you have to do is ask.


It’s Great for Conveying a Message


The projects civil engineers tackle are vitally important because of their everyday use.


Whether it be a new park, building, overpass or tram system, the work of civil engineers promises to impact the lives of thousands of people on a daily basis.


Because of this, the message your 3D animation transmits must be accurate, engaging and succinct. Blueprints, maps and PowerPoint presentations simply aren’t powerful enough to simplify the story you need to tell.

The best medium for making it happen? Without a doubt, 3D animation.


The End Result Is Awesome


I love being a 3D animator for iViz. By far, one my favorite aspects of the job is knowing the end  of a construction-based undertaking from the beginning.


Seriously, after working closely with an engineering client, I’m able to take their thoughts and transform them into a real-life representation of what’s to come.


In turn, they share my 3D animations with others, helping them catch a glimpse of what the future holds—it’s an awesome feeling.


At least on my end, here’s what all of this looks like—take a peek: 

Not bad, right?


Needless to say, if you’ve got any questions for me, toss ‘em in the comments section below.


Or, if you’d like to a take a more direct route to my inbox, simply click here. As always, thanks for reading my stuff—it means a lot!


Have a great day!

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